Creating a connected port operation with real-time shipping data

The Problem

A major global logistics company came to Futuredraft with a compelling challenge:

Could a better software system help create labor efficiencies and cost savings in their busy shipping ports?

Essentially, they needed a data-driven system to help their port operators make rapid, high-pressure decisions about container storage and shipping yard management.

Our Work

Futuredraft facilitated collaborative design sessions with client stakeholders to establish a baseline of priorities, pain points, and goals.

We discovered we’d need to aggregate and visualize real-time location data for the company’s ships, containers, and cargo, in order to give employees a clearer view into overall facility operations.

By centralizing all of this information into a single software product, we hoped to highlight critical issues and opportunities for operational improvement

Building upon the insights from our research and strategy work, we designed a comprehensive software system for data aggregation and analysis, complete with beautiful dashboards to help employees on the ground quickly gain insights and make informed decisions.

The Impact

With input from real users in the port’s operations center, terminals, shipping yard, and partner railway and trucking organizations, Futuredraft built the most comprehensive picture of the company’s overall logistics operations to date.

Our client reported that the new Futuredraft-designed port operations management system was received positively by stakeholders across the entire organization for its ability to streamline workflows, reduce unnecessary costs, and enable team members to identify new opportunities for additional container storage monetization.

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