Improving healthcare quality to benefit patients & insurers

The Problem

In order to receive Medicare reimbursement for qualified patients, U.S. health insurance companies must demonstrate and maintain high quality ratings for providers in their networks.

These quality ratings are based on performance across a number of measures like preventative care, chronic disease management, responsible dispensation of scheduled drugs, etc.

The problem? Insurers don’t typically have full visibility into what factors contribute to their providers’ ratings, making it difficult to create action plans for improving care quality.

A major healthcare organization asked Futuredraft to help build a system that would address this issue by visualizing provider performance data and identifying areas for improvement.

Our Work

Futuredraft conducted a series of UX research sessions and co-creation workshops with subject matter experts across the healthcare ecosystem, from doctors and insurance company executives to quality assurance analysts.

Using the insights and design prototypes generated in these sessions, we developed a product strategy, design system, and workflows resulting in high-fidelity prototypes that were tested extensively with key user groups.

The Impact

By visualizing healthcare provider performance data, all stakeholders gain visibility into opportunities for improvement, which means not only greater efficiency and cost savings, but sometimes life-saving improvements in the quality of care.

Visualizing provider performance data for greater efficiency, cost savings, and life-saving improvements in the quality of care.
Empowering patients to better manage their own health outcomes