Our Work

Two days to generate a global vision

Futuredraft stepped in to facilitate and produce actionable results for a globally distributed leadership workshop.

ServiceNow needed to revolutionize their PRM strategy

  • Complex business, partner and customer problems needed addressable actions
  • 50+ remote leadership team members and stakeholders needed to be heard
  • The business needed an alignment on language and detailed process mapping
  • A shared vision was needed to define a clear path forward and enable rapid estimation of LOE and costs

The pandemic transformed Futuredraft into experts and innovators at remote collaboration. We know how to plan and execute high-value sessions that generate business transforming ideas regardless of location or scale.

As facilitators we strategize in real-time, adapting workshop activities and approach to get results.

The outcomes speak for themselves. Participants feel heard and energized and the team is left with a clear path to take action.